Are you ready to create and experience a magnetic connection with your partner? Are you ready to FEEL that deep passion, intimacy, and sexual chemistry daily? Are you ready to explore and fulfill each other's desires and needs?

Stop Settling for Happy When You Really Want the Dream!

The Results of Following Our Roadmap

Be exactly who you see yourself being
Laugh, play and grow together daily
Work to be everything you and your partner need
Be loved, touched, and cherished wholeheartedly
Set your sex life on fire
Be free to explore every part of your personality
Be connected, with more love, communication and intimacy
Have peace and be happy daily
Enhance your career & professional performance
Tap into your next level lover, friend, and powerhouse partner you’re both yearning for you to be
Achieve a specific goal or dream for your marriage or family
Learn specific strategies to help you communicate mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually
Be in alignment on all things, including faith, goals, dreams, finances and parenting
Step out on faith and accomplish specific things you’ve always desired to achieve

"Having a conversation with Ashley is sometimes hard but always refreshing. What I mean by hard is that she gives you the real about a situation/topic to have you take ownership for your part. And it's refreshing because even if you don't see the benefits at the moment, later I give thanks for the insight. In my singleness and now married life she has helped me dig deep in situations that have helped me learn and grow into a whole woman. I am who I am because of the work I have done and the sound coaching provided by Ashley."

Felicia Roberts


As I entered adulthood, I never had a healthy example of what love was or a relationship. Coming from a broken, abusive, and at times unstable home; I truly was lost. Nevertheless, I know I wanted love and that I desired real love. So that took me into a string of unhealthy and more brokenness not only in those relationships but in life.

At 35 I had more than a few failed relationships and a marriage–I had to take a hard look in the mirror and understand I was the common factor in all those situations. So, I started talking to Ashley trying to understand Why?
Why could I not commit to a relationship or anything in my life really? Why do I keep seeking love in all the wrong places? Why could I not obtain what I dreamed of? I cannot lie. In the beginning I was the “victim.” I refused to take accountability for my own fears, failures, and insecurities. Why childhood trauma played a small part in who I was- it did not define me. While just having long conversations with Ashley I learned that if I wanted any happiness, I had to take accountability for who I wanted to be. To be very clear about what I wanted and who I wanted to be. To love, understand, and find me first and everything else will follow.

One of the most profound things that I learned while talking to Ashley was: how I show up in one area of my life is how I will show up in all areas. Which meant I had to stop being the victim and take full responsibility for my own life. To stop making it other people’s responsibility for my happiness. As simple as that sounds, it was not easy. It was hard work to stop blaming the world, my parents, past lovers, whomever for my insecurities.

The second most important thing I discovered in our sessions was that it is okay to show up as me. Just be who I am unapologetically. Stop lying to myself and others about who I thought people wanted me to be and just be ME! For some reason I never thought I was enough so I would transform and become who other people wanted me to be. A true people pleaser if I am completely honest. But being me has been so much easier. It cut out a lot of stress in my life as well. I am so much happier and I honestly live how I truly want- by putting myself first.

Finally, love is a choice not a feeling. Feels will change, people will change, and circumstances will change. I had to stop being so emotionally charged and learn to control my own emotions. I will also add that I could not control other people into loving me or doing what I wanted them to do. I could only choose to show up as myself and trust that they will choose the authentic me.

I do not think Ashley will ever know how much I appreciate God for bringing her into my life. Not only has my love life changed, but my entire outlook on life is also different. I will be forever grateful for someone so real, so transparent, and loving to have coached me and still coaching me. I am happier than I have ever been by putting in the work, being transparent with myself and others, and knowing that I can only control myself. God will do the rest.

Ashley, you are truly amazing, and I will love you forever. I am happy to report that I have accepted love. I am in a relationship with someone that I prayed for and worked for. But most importantly who chooses the authentic me!

Shana’ Boggess, Travelholic

She is ok with sharing her name and story, but wants her face to remain anonymous.

"I keep getting better and I’m looking for a great woman that won’t mind staying nights with me in the camper while I get a lil' hunting in."

"Really, I was just tired of playing the field. It wasn’t getting me anywhere and was really just wasting my time and energy. In fact, as hard as it was to admit aloud to someone, I had been struggling with a sexual addiction for years. It just seemed like it was something that was in my blood. But it was eating me up inside. I was embarrassed and I didnt want anybody to know.

I felt at peace talking to Ashley and she helped me sort through my debilitating beliefs and list of priorities without imposing her relationship beliefs onto me. I realized that I am the source of my own patterns and I am responsible for breaking them. Ashley was holding me accountable to kick the habits that had been destroying how I felt about myself.

When I had better discipline and control, Tristan stepped in to help me get clear on what I actually want to give to and receive in return from a relationship. He was helpful at asking me the right questions when it came time to analyze who was my best fit. He made me stick to the vision I had created and held me accountable when I’d resort back to choosing based on characteristics that are incompatible and/or irrelevant to my vision.

I am currently continuing to work on myself so I can be the man that I’m starting to feel like on the inside. I’ve done a lot of apologizing. I’ve accepted responsibility for my life. I’ve even cried. I feel better."

He wants to remain completely anonymous but is ok with us sharing his story.

I had seen Tristan and Ashley around in our building many times and they always seemed so happy. They were very approachable, lighthearted and listened with intent. The advice that was given was always heartfelt, honest and direct.

One day I was in the garage and I ran into Ashley. Her stopping to say hello, how are you doing definitely saved my marriage. I could not lie. I was headed to go meet up with a young lady that I’d met online.

Ashley was strategic like a ninja with her questioning skills. And by the time I finished the conversation I was headed back inside. Her words were thoughtful, concerning and intricately placed. Within 20 minutes, I had accepted that I DID NOT want to keep having affairs with random women I was seeking out online. Yet, somehow, I seemed to lack complete discipline. Ashley helped me understand I needed to rectify what I was dealing with internally. Within a few weeks, I had turned my mindset and heart around to what mattered to me.

The deterioration of my career as an accomplished designer had eroded my view of myself as a man, as a provider, and as a father. And unsurprisingly, none of these other women could see these things. This allowed me to still exist in that place of accomplishment in my head. I had to face my new reality and pivot so I could rebuild with the pieces that remained.

It was an absolute blessing that we crossed paths on that day. My mindset has since been refocused on making my marriage and home a place of integrity, and peace for myself, my wife and our family.

He wants to remain completely anonymous but is ok with us sharing his story.

"I called Ashley when my marriage was in a rut. I literally woke up one day and was ready to pull all the money out the bank and leave. I was hurt and disappointed by what I was discovering about my husband and didn't know how much more I could take. Ashley sat on the phone with me and help me process through everything. 

Was was really bothering me? What was he actually doing that didn't seem right to me? What did I prefer him to be doing? What was important to me? And was I willing to communicate my true thoughts, feelings, and needs to my husband, as detrimental and disappointing as they seemed? 

After answering all these questions, my husband and I agreed to connect with Ashley on a conference call. She was able to help us both assess what was really happening, what was important, and what we both needed to be happy and growing."


She wants to remain anonymous but is ok with us sharing her story.

I connected with Tristan during a crisis. I found him on social media and reached out to him because in our previous job together, he always seemed like he had it together, he was always positive.

I have always been the main provider for my girlfriend and I. This has brought me a lot of joy being able to do so. My girlfriend just took care of her car and the food, and a couple of bills. Recently the roles were reversed. I got laid off. I didn’t know where this put me as a man. How do I feel not taking care of the majority of our living expenses?

My girlfriend says she understands this is just a transition time in my life and she is in support of my new endeavor.

Tristan helped me to let go of the negative thinking that I was having about myself and my role as a contributor in our home and he also helped me to see the positives in the fact that my girlfriend is a ride-or-die chick who loves me despite how much money that I have or the car that I drive, etc.

With a clearer mindset,focused on solutions rather than my ego I’ve been able to craft some solutions to be able to bring in more income without sacrificing my dream and we’ve even been able to come up with solutions to downsize our living expenses so that we can quickly overcome this difficult time.


He wants to remain completely anonymous but is ok with us sharing his story.


Ashley has the power to encourage others to empower themselves. She has the power to show people how to set themselves FREE! She is able to make them believe in themselves.

After a conversation with Ashley, people can not help but to be forever changed. She asks the difficult questions that other people shy away from. She is genuine and does not sugar-coat things. She tells it exactly like it is, and if you have difficulty understanding her explanation she will give an example that will offend you or resonate with you. With Ashley, one cannot resist listening and learning more about themselves. After a conversation with her, people are inclined to ask themselves even deeper questions and then take action where action is needed.

Once the issues are resolved, people are set Free. Freedom allows people to gain back time, humankind’s most precious resource Without worrying about some aspect of relationships, work, friendships, hopes and dreams, etc. there is mental energy to use wisely in a manner that is in alignment with a person’s hopes and dreams.  

Tristan Boyd

Ashley's Husband, Lover, BEST Friend, Business Partner & KING 🙂

Tristan is not just a person, he is a FORCE. Tristan has the brilliant ability to love without limits, listen without judging, and provide a safe space for people to learn, grow, and shift their reality to what they really want it to be. You can be yourself–your NEXT LEVEL SELF–around him, and he lifts it, praises it, and cheers for you. He is one of the easiest people to talk to because of this. In fact, after a conversation with him, it feels as though you have released all your burdens and are ready for a fresh start, no matter what challenges you have been facing.

You see, Tristan is not only my husband and best friend, but he is a confidant in times when I need strength, a listening ear when I need to breathe about what’s going on inside of me, and a wealth of knowledge for me to reflect back to me and hold me accountable to be and do what I know is important to me. He has pushed me in areas I didn’t know I needed to be pushed, and has an almost silently strategic way of motivating myself and others to REACH FOR MORE, with the full belief in ourselves and our abilities.

Over the years, I have watched him grow and transform. Within weeks of us dating, he went from being the man who talked about becoming excellent so he could help people create the relationship they wanted, to transforming into being the man who was excellent because he realized that EXCELLENT was simply who and what he wanted to be–for himself above all else.

In making that shift, he has become a magnet for those seeking advice and support.. And I watched him continue to learn and grow behind the scenes, apply what he was learning to his own life and our relationship, and only pour from a full cup.

I’m grateful for Tristan’s unwavering belief in himself and in others. He leads by example and inspires those around him to become the best versions of themselves. I am lucky to have him by my side, and I know that anyone who has the pleasure of knowing him feels the same.

Ashley Boyd

Tristan's Wife, Queen, and The Woman of His Dreams

More Thoughts from Others

"My life is full of beauty, blessings, love, family, friends, and new beginnings."

"We are all stronger and smarter than we give ourselves credit for! This is a beautiful gift that Ashley reminded me of. Ashley helped me connect with the person that I had always wanted to try to be, she pushed me, she guided me, she made me really think.

I lost touch with all those things and by the Lord bringing Ashley into my life, I truly believe He knew what He was doing. My life is full of beauty, blessings, love, family, friends, and new beginnings.

Ashley, I cannot thank you enough for your compassion, empathy, and love for humans- your want for all to love life and love themselves. Candice got her groove back……… well maybe finally found her groove!"

Candice W.

"If you looking for someone to be your "Yes Man" friend and gossip with, then Ashley is not your go to person!

However, if you looking for someone thats going to hold you accountable for what you say and do, inspire you while keeping it real-I recommend my friend, Ashley."

Audrey Robinson

My finances were not where they need to be. My love life was on the line. I couldn’t tell which one was the real cause and which was the effect. I was doing all the things that were supposed to make me a good man. I was taking care of our child. I was going to work every day. But somehow we ended up here, on the verge of a break and taking time apart to figure it out. Ultimately, we decided to go our separate ways, but I feel that the guidance that Tristan gave will have me positioned in my next relationship to make it what we both desire.

Mike S.

He wants to remain anonymous but is ok with us sharing his story.

I wanted the type of attentiveness and patience I saw my wife give to our children.

"Tristan has been a true game-changer for our marriage. We were at a crossroads and had lost that special spark that brought us together in the first place. My wife had businesses in a different time zone, our joint business in Texas was just starting out, and our children needed our attention too. We were overwhelmed and needed help.

It was a difficult process because I hadn't really thought about the questions that Tristan asked. Answering helped us identify the root of our problems and develop a plan to overcome them.

We realized it wasn't just about communication and compromise, but about redefining our priorities and finding ways to support each other while still pursuing our individual goals.

We were able to reconnect on a deeper level, find balance in our personal and professional lives, and our joint business continued to thrive while our out-of-state business was brought to a successful close."

G. F.

He wants to remain anonymous but is ok with us sharing his story.

"I was steadily trying to win my wife back even after she’d expressed that this season had ended. The divorce was going to happen for sure this time. The questions that Tristan and Ashley asked me helped me understand the role I played in the separation.

I’m still working on my mindset, but I know I am already a better man, father and businessman. In my next relationship I will have the tools to listen to concerns when they come up and make adjustments that show how much I care. Checking my ego is something that I have learned the hard way. I recommend that every man who wants to be the man use their invaluable toolkit to accelerate themselves personally and professionally."


He wants to remain completely anonymous but is ok with us sharing his story.

"Thank you so much. You don't even know how much you've helped me feel like I can actually achieve these goals. I'm taking better care of my body, working out 3-4 times a week.

I'm also job hunting for the job I want, and not what I need. In the past I've just taken the job because the pay was either better or I needed employment. Now, I'm really looking into it closely, updated my resume, and only applying for the jobs that I want.

Bless you and your beautiful family!!"

Nicole P.

She is ok with sharing her name and story, but wants her face to remain anonymous.

"Ashley was a Godsend in my life at a time when it seemed like everything was out of whack. It was just a lot of chaos and confusion. I had just gone through a really bad breakup. I had a business where my client interactions weren’t going good. I was stressed out. I wasn’t getting sleep. It was a lot going on. And I always call Ashley the clarity queen.

If you talk to Ashley and you have a problem, she’s going to ask you questions that bring up answers to questions that you didn’t even know that you needed to ask. Or answers that you didn’t even know you needed to be aware of knowing about yourself.

And one of the new biggest things that came up for me was that I was keeping the peace with those around me at the expense of my peace. So I was at war with myself, because I wasn’t being honest with people around me, and just expressing what was really going on with me. And that was affecting me in my relationship and my business.

And I really got deep down into like what I really wanted. And I really love what Ashley says about be who you really see. I got a lot of clarity about the type of woman that I want to become. And my life‘s vision.

I’m not there all the way to the vision, but just working with Ashley, I’ve gotten one of my biggest contracts that I have ever had as a business owner. And I’m back in that loving relationship. I am at peace, and I am very clear about what I want. And I am taking the steps of my life to get everything that I want. And I’m coming for everything that is mine. And I think God for Ashley being that catalyst for a lot of that change to happen."

Kamilah Harrison

Founder of ADO Digital

"Working with Ashley was a game changer. I knew I wanted a healthy, loving and thriving relationship but I didn't know what that equated to for me. Ashley's process for coaching helped me get clear and confident about what I innately desired, while simultaneously elevating my mind to believe I could receive it and more.

After a couple of sessions and homework assignments, I thought I was ready to present myself to the dating world. However, no matter how ready I thought I was, Ashley and her strategic process reminded me I wasn't. The strategy she employs forces you to answer a series of questions, that ultimately programs, and in many areas, reprograms your brain so you can show up and behave congruent with what you say you want and need. Midway throughout our engagement I became frustrated with the process ("too many questions", I thought), had to repent and ask her for forgiveness for my attitude towards the process. I had never been so challenged mentally, emotionally, and spiritually but quickly realized that the process for me to truly understand myself, the man that I needed and wanted and the relationship I hoped for warranted the type of engagement Ashley developed. As a result, I was able to approach relationship acquisition in a different way, sure about getting a different outcome. I then became extremely grateful for the litany of questions that were crucial to be answered for me to go from unfulfilled to fulfilled before adding a man, mate, and partner to the equation.

I am currently dating and doing so from a place of self-control, empowerment, and intention. Working with Ashley and developing a new road map has also created a new narrative, the true narrative for what I need and desire in a man and what I clearly and confidently accept or reject from a man. Especially when it's in conflict with my heart's desire, flesh out by working with Ashley. She was caring, loving, gracious but resolute as we went through the process. She helped and cared for me through a pivotal time in my life to ensure I get the best version of me by developing , cultivating, and embracing my Truest relationship goals, notably during a time of challenge and uncertainty.

Ashley is extremely good at what she does. Highly professional and relatable. She is anointed to help you get the desired results. She's not transactional but relational (I needed that). I am a testament to that.

Terri Brown

Built To Last Solutions LLC


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