Welcome to The Fantasy Love Co.

Here, we have ONE MISSION...To Show You How to Experience the Love Life You Imagine while Being Exactly Who You Want To Be!


Our SOLUTION is the ROADMAP that ultimately worked for us and for other people. It will help flatten the learning curve for you. 

We recommend you complete the solution in the following order to get the BEST results... quickly, easily, affordably, and while having fun!

Step 1: The Secrets to A Level 10 Love Life (Free Training)

Step 2: Create Your Fantasy Love Story™ (Financial Investment Required)

Step 3: Love Reimagined™ (Financial Investment Required)

Available Courses

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Our Products Are Made Just for You

Each product in our store is thoughtfully designed to enhance your learning and growth as you navigate the pathways to a deeper, more intimate connection with your partner. From the morning coffee that kick-starts your day with a positive affirmation, to the journal entries that capture your reflections at night, every item is an integral part of your journey. Embrace these tools, and let them inspire and support you every step of the way as you build the love life you've always desired with The Fantasy Love Co.

About Your Love Coaches

Tristan & Ashley Boyd

After falling in love during our teens and college years, we went our separate ways due to differing perspectives on creating the relationship we wanted. But reconnecting a decade later sparked a transformative journey. 

Applying the principles we teach, we built an extraordinary love story. And years later, our relationship continues to flourish as we continue to experience the marriage of our dreams--our fantasy love story.

Now, our mission is to empower others to experience their fantasy love story while being who they really see themselves being.